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Archive of Measurements of Voltage Delivered to My Home

Graphical Monthly Summaries of Voltage Measurements

Each month I compile charts showing the hundreds or thousands of voltage measurements I have made at my wall outlet of the too much voltage delivered to my home and appliances by Hydro One in Ontario, Canada.  Months in the archives are presented in reverse chronological order.

The monthly charts and their archives are organized as follows :

  • Summary — a general summary of all my measurements with some up-to-date interim data for the current month;
  • Last Month — summary of the last complete month of observations;
  • 2019 — archive of measurements in 2019;
  • 2018 — archive of measurements in 2018 (long article);
  • 2017 — archive of measurements in 2017 (long article)
  • 2016 — archive of measurements in 2016, including December 2015.  (long article)

The charts for each month include the following :

  1. a time series or history of voltage for the month;
  2. a histogram of all the voltage measurements for the month;
  3. a diagram of measured voltage versus time-of-day for the month.

If you have questions or comments about any of the information here, please contact me

Got Data?

If you have voltage measurements from your own neighbourhood and would like to share them, please contact me and I would be glad to exchange raw data and other results with you. 

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