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Activities at Amateur Radio VE3OAT

Radio Observations of the 2017 Solar Eclipse
Accurate Measurement of Radio Frequency
    Measuring Frequencies - the Old Way
      Frequency Divider Circuit
    Bibliography of Articles on Frequency Measurement
Old 30 m Beacon Project
    30 m Beacon Transmitter

Amateur Astronomy

Books Worth Reading

More Books Worth Reading
US history and politics

Some Families in My Tree

Old Family Photo Mysteries
Some Family History DNA Projects
    Privacy and medical implications of DNA testing
Huntsman Family Reunion
Stewart Family Reunion
Some Jardin Family History

Too Much Voltage in Your House?

Power Industry Myth

Voltage at my house - Summary and details of measurements

Last month's voltage
Archive of voltage measurements
    2016 Archive of measurements
    2017 Archive of measurements
    2018 Archive of measurements
    2019 Archive of measurements
November 2017
Harmonic Distortion
Hot Summer Voltage

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