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Privacy Policy of This Site

I respect your privacy.

  • The Owner and Webmaster of this site has endeavoured to comply with all applicable laws and regulations governing the collection, use, and retention of private and personal data.  Further, I believe that the policies described below are much more strict and privacy-friendly than those practised by almost any other web site.

E-mail —

  • If you use the Contact page to communicate with me privately, only your name and e-mail address are asked for, in order that I may reply to you.  By voluntarily supplying that information, you agree that I may use that information in order to reply to you. 
  • An electronic copy or a printed copy of our correspondence may be retained for future reference on whatever subject we discussed.
  • Copies or our correspondence will not be retained indefinitely, although it is impossible to say how long they might be retained (it depends on how interesting the correspondence was);
  • Your name and e-mail address will not be used for any other purpose, and will never be shared with third parties, unless you explicitly agree to that for some specified purpose.

Personal Identifying Information (PII) —

  • Except for the voluntary e-mail information discussed above, no personal identifying information (PII) is collected or stored by this site when you visit these pages.

IP Addresses —

  • Only your IP address (which is not considered to be PII) and your browser's User Agent (UA) string, are collected from you by this site. 
  • Your IP address, browser's User Agent (UA), and the dates and times at which you visited the pages of this site may be retained in the server logs archived for indefinite periods of time for technical website management and the study of historical trends in numbers and kinds of visitors.  These archives are not used for any other purpose and will be deleted when they are no longer of use to the Webmaster.
  • Your IP address and other information will never be shared with third parties. 

Visitor Counting Software

  • This site makes use of visitor counting software (Awstats, Webalizer, and Analog) in order to understand what visitors' interests are and to help make the site more useful.

Tracking —

  • This site does not employ any tracking software that would track visitors.  Even if you choose to be tracked, this site does not and can not track.
  • There are no advertisements or scripts on this site which would collect any information about you or plant tracking or "web" cookies in your browser.

Data Retention —

  • As explained in the sections above, while some data is retained for variable periods of time, no data is retained unnecessarily.  Please see the section on Requests for Deletion below.

Requests for Deletion —

  • If at any time you wish to have any of your retained data (if any exists) deleted, please contact me.

Hostile Visitor Activity —

Regardless of the above, if you engage in any hostile or anti-social activity, such as, but not limited to, any of the following :

  • spamming,
  • denial of service (DoS) attacks,
  • probing for security vulnerabilities,
  • attempting to access restricted files or directories,
  • attempting to upload to the server any code or script whatsoever, malicious or otherwise,
  • or any similarly undesirable or threatening activity,

then, any retained information about you, including your name (if known), e-mail address (if known), IP address, browser's User Agent string, and dates and times of your visits to this website, together with the full details of your activity, may be reported in full to appropriate civil authorities as well as to security experts in appropriate technical fora.  Only activities by legitimate security researchers are exempt from these counter-measures.

Please also see the page on Web Design Philosophy and Security.