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Old Family Photo Mysteries

Do You Recognize Any of These People?

Many of us have old family photo albums with pictures of people who we can't identify.  My family is no exception and the following pictures are presented here in case you can recognize any of them.  Many of these old family photos were taken in Newcastle on Tyne, England (according to imprints on the backs of the photos) while a few were taken in County Durham, England, or Alnwick, Northumberland, England, or St Catharines, Ontario, Canada.  The family names of any of these people might have been Potter, Mann, Todd, or Wealleans, or something else.  Those names, at least, are prominent in my family history in those places.  Going by the style of clothing and furniture, I would guess that the time period for most of these pictures is probably the late 19th century, but that is only my guess. 

If you recognize any of the people in these pictures from old family photos in your own family, please contact me

Unknown Lady with Child

Unknown lady with child

This proud lady was photographed by "Kirkley, Photographer" in Paradise Gardens, County Durham, England, just across the River Tyne from Newcastle on Tyne.  There is no indication of her identity, other than that some of the other photographs in the album are identifiable as some of my Potter and Mann relatives.  There were Todd family relatives, cousins of my Potters, living in the same neighbourhood of Newcastle as my Potters, so it is possible that Todds are represented among the pictures as well.  Who is this lady?

Maggie and Mabel Wealleans

calling card of Maggie and Mabel Wealleans

Do you know Maggie and Mabel Wealleans?  The image above is of a small calling card mounted in one of our old family albums.  These cards were in popular use by people for social purposes before the 20th century.  Although there are Wealleans and Weallens in my family tree (in England), we do not know Maggie and Mabel.  Perhaps you do. 

Mr. and Mrs. Potter, Newcastle on Tyne

Mr. Potter Mrs. Potter

Although Mr. and Mrs. Potter were photographed separately, each of their photos is labeled the same on the back in a hand-written script as "Mr & Mrs Potter".  The pictures were taken in Newcastle on Tyne, England, according to a mostly obliterated printed notation ("N ...... yne") on the back of one of the photographs, similar to some others in this collection.  Is this couple either of John Potter's brothers and sisters-in-law, or of their descendants, or of someone else?  I don't know.  If either of these photos are among your old family pictures, please contact me

Some More Unknown People

The following photos are all from the same album and the people in them are all unidentified.  I have a suspicion about one or two, but there is no way to tell for sure.  Do you know any of them?  Four of the photographs were taken in Newcastle on Tyne, England. 

Unknown older woman Unknown bearded man Unknown lady Unknown lady, standing Unknown man, standing Unknown bearded man Unknown boy, standing unknown young boy, standing Unknown man, standing Unknown man, standing Unknown bearded man Unknown lady, seated

Lovely people, all of them.  Just wish I knew who they were.