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Some "Found" Jardin or Jardine Family History

Found in a Bible

Several years ago I acquired a family Bible at one of the many used book sales in Ottawa, Canada.  This Bible had some hand-written notes about dates of birth and dates of death of several Jardin or Jardine family members.  The birth dates were all in the middle-1800s and the death dates were in the 1930s.  In some places the writing seems to say clearly "Jardin" but in others it seems possibly "Jardine".  Please see the images below.

Here is a transcript, as best I can make out, of those entries :

From the inside front cover :

Mrs Andrew Jardin Died sep 11 1936
Rejinald(?) Jardin Died December 30 1937

From a fly leaf near the front of book (note the repetition from the inside front cover) :

James(?) H Jardine Born January 1 1856
George H Jardin (born) May 20 1857
Sarah Margat(?) Jardine (born) Oct 6 1858
William(?) J Jardin (born) May 17 1860
May Elizabeth Jardin     Sep 18 1861
Andrew Jardine (born) Oct 6 1863
Albert Jardin (born) May 24 1867
Jane Jardin (born) Dec 6 1870
Catherin(?) Jardin september 11 1936
Reginald (Jardin) December 30 1937

Here are scanned images of the two pages in question, preceded by a scan of the title page of the Bible.  Note the year (1904) of publication.  Since I acquired this Bible in Ottawa it is possible that someone in or connected with the family has lived in or near Ottawa recently.

Title page of Jardin family Bible First page of family entries Second page of family entries

Some Observations

Note that, curiously, three of the eight birth events are reported to have happened on the 6th day of the month, and two of them in October.  Possibly the recorder had some trouble remembering accurately.

Also found loosely stuck among the pages of the Bible was a short, one-page, hand-written letter, dated simply "Thursday morning", with salutation "Johnie dear" and signed "Love Elma" or possibly "Love Elena".  The letter concerns simple family matters.

I hope this information might be of use to someone.  If you are a descendant of any of the people mentioned in these entries and would like to have the Bible, please contact me.