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A Bibliography of Some Magazine Articles on Frequency Standards, Calibrators and Accurate Frequency Measurement

The List

Compiled by Martin Potter, VE3OAT.  I hope you find this list of articles interesting and useful.  Presented in chronological order.

1.  Gerald L. Hall, K1PLP, "The KH6EGL Frequency Standard", QST, May 1965, pp 33-40.

2.  Ed Marriner, W6BLZ, "Precision Frequency Measurements for the Amateur", 73 Magazine, July 1966, pp 16-19.

3.  E. H. Conklin, K6KA, "A Divide-By-Four Frequency Divider For 100-kHz Calibrators", QST, November 1968, pp 26-27.

4.  Irvin M. Hoff, W6FFC, "The Mainline FS-1 Secondary Frequency Standard", QST, November 1968, pp 34-38 and 152.

5.  Irvin M. Hoff, W6FFC, "General-coverage receiver frequency calibrator", Ham Radio (hr) magazine, December 1971, pp 28-29.

6.  A. C. Beresford, VE7EV, "An Inexpensive Secondary Frequency Standard", QST, May 1972, pp 37-38.

7.  Richard Silberstein, W0YBF, "An Experimental Frequency Standard Using ICs", QST, September 1974, pp 14-21 and 167.

8.  R. B. Shreve, W8GRG, "Precise Frequency Measurement with Amateur Equipment", QST, May 1973, pp 22-23 and 27.

9.  Roger Harrison, VK2ZTB, "Survey of Crystal Oscillators", Ham Radio (hr) Magazine, March 1976, pp 10-22.

10.  Jack M. Janicke, K2JFJ, "A Wide-Range Crystal-Controlled Frequency Standard", QST, July 1976, pp 27-28.

11.  Fred M. Griffee, W4IYB, "Frequency-marker standard using CMOS logic", Ham Radio (hr) magazine, August 1977, pp 44-45.

12.  Donald L. Upp, WB8STQ, "Frequency-Measuring Tests Using a Product-Detector SSB Receiver", QST, November 1978, pp 19-21.

13.  Vaughn D. Martin, "Time and frequency standards : part 1", Ham Radio (hr) magazine, November 1983, pp 36-46.

14.  Vaughn D. Martin, "Time and frequency standards : part 2", Ham Radio (hr) magazine, December 1983, pp 31-40.

15.  Bill de Carle, VE3OBE (now VE2IQ), "Build this Coherent CW Secondary Frequency Standard", The Canadian Amateur (TCA), October 1985, pp 47-50.

16.  Hans Evers, PA0CX, "A frequency and level standard", Ham Radio (hr) magazine, January 1986, pp 10-20.  (Excellent ideas for producing calibrator harmonics over a wide frequency range.  - VE3OAT)

17.  John A. Cowan, W4ZPS, "Frequency calibration using 60 kHz WWVB", Ham Radio (hr) magazine, March 1988, pp 45-52.

18.  James G. Lee, W6VAT, "A Simple Secondary Frequency Standard", QST, September 1989, pp 29-33.

19.  Bill de Carle, VE2IQ, "A Receiver Spectral Display Using DSP", QST, January 1992, pp 23-29.  (A tuning indicator, alignment aid and audio spectrum analyzer, adaptable to frequency measurement.  - VE3OAT)

20.  Brooks Shera, W5OJM, "A GPS-Based Frequency Standard", QST, July 1998, pp 37-44.  (This modern and highly accurate frequency standard is something you can readily have!  - VE3OAT)

21.  Tom M. Morton, W5TOM, "The Well Adjusted Ham", QST, February 2004, pp 31-32.  (Some excellent tips for calibrating and possibly adjusting your receiver's frequency readout.  - VE3OAT)

22.  H. Ward Silver, N0AX, "Hands-On Radio : Programmable Frequency Reference", QST, February 2011, pp 64-65.  (A thoroughly modern way to divide frequencies.  - VE3OAT)

23.  Dave McCarter, VE3GSO, "Measuring Frequencies at VE3GSO", QST, April, 2015, pp 37-38.  (An excellent article on how to make good use of what you already have.  - VE3OAT)

24.  John A. Magliacone, KD2BD, "A Frequency Standard for Today's WWVB", QEX magazine, ARRL, November-December 2015, pp 13-31.  (Design and construction of a frequency reference which uses the new phase modulation scheme of present WWVB transmissions.  - VE3OAT)

25.  Pete Smith, N4ZR, "Leo Bodnar Electronics GPS-Disciplined Oscillator", product review, QST, June 2016, pp 60-61.

26.  Robert C. Mazur, VA3ROM, "All Things Digital : Build a 10 MHz External Reference Device", Part 1 in The Canadian Amateur, published by Radio Amateurs of Canada (RAC), May-June 2016, pp 28-31, Part 2 in The Canadian Amateur, July-August 2016, pp 38-41.  (Building and calibrating an OCXO to use as the frequency reference for an SDR radio, for example.  - VE3OAT)