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Some of the Families In My Family Tree


Not exactly my complete family tree but a brief and "bare bones" description of some of the branches in my tree.  There are a number of other branches, not discussed here, about which I still know little.  The small amount of information provided here is only a "teaser", intended to invite replies from people with whom I might share a common ancestor.

Most of these families originated in England, particularly the counties of Devon, Kent and Northumberland, and migrated to what are now the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Newfoundland.

Please note that if you are related to any of the families mentioned here and you have a legitimate interest in family history, please contact me for further information.  Let me know how you are related to the family in question and I will be truly glad to exchange information freely with you.  Thanks. 


Edward ANDREWS married Mary BROWNING in 1791 in Whitstable, Kent, England.  One of their children, John Browning ANDREWS (ch 1811 in Whitstable) married Esther CHAPPEL (ch 1810 in Whitstable) and their first child, Mary Charlotte ANDREWS (ch 1832 in Whitstable) married James FOAD.


It is probable that John ARMER of Gateshead, County Durham, England, was the father of John ARMER (ch 1785), Francis ARMER (ch 1786) and Mary ARMER (ch 1788), all of them christened in Gateshead.  Daughter Mary ARMER married Robert MANN.


It is believed that James BALDWIN married Sarah Anne CHURCHILL, possibly in Pouch Cove, Newfoundland.  They had 8 children, Edward James BALDWIN, John BALDWIN, Rebecca BALDWIN (b 1866 in Pouch Cove), William BALDWIN, Welton BALDWIN, Fannie BALDWIN, Elizabeth BALDWIN, and Susan BALDWIN.  Rebecca married William Joseph ELGAR (died abt 1895) and, later, Henry RYAN.


John Carter CAMPBELL, b abt 1830 in Newcastle upon Tyne, England, married Elizabeth "Bessie" ARMER, half-sister of Robert MANN.  John and Bessie CAMPBELL had two children, James Angus CAMPBELL (b 1854) and Robert CAMPBELL (b 1856), both of whom eventually emigrated to the U.S.A.  James CAMPBELL had already married Ann HARDIE and they took their children, Eva Margaret and John, with them.  John CAMPBELL married Eloise CHILD (b 1878 in Utah, USA) and, according to Russell MANN, John CAMPBELL was the Private Secretary to the Chief Engineer of a railway company in Berkeley, California.


William Joseph ELGAR (b abt 1871 in St. John's, Newfoundland) married Rebecca BALDWIN (b 1866 in Pouch Cove, Newfoundland), daughter of James BALDWIN and Sarah Anne CHURCHILL.  William and Rebecca's daughter, Annie ELGAR (b 1891 in St. John's), married Samuel MUGFORD in 1911.


Thomas FOAD married Susanna ANDERSON and had a son, Stephen Browning FOAD (ch 1797 in Whitstable, Kent, England), whose first wife, Mary Ann KING (ch 1795 in Whitstable), was the mother of James FOAD, an oyster dredger in Whitstable.  James married Mary Charlotte ANDREWS (ch 1832 in Whitstable) and they had 4 children, among them Wallace FOAD (b 1856 in Whitstable), a fish merchant who married Sarah Annie GOWER (b 1860 in Marylebone, Middlesex, England).  Wallace and Sarah FOAD emigrated to Toronto, Canada, in 1907 with their children, including an adopted child, Rudolph (b abt 1905) who preferred to be called "Charlie".  Their natural children were Wallace Alderman FOAD (b 1888 in Whitstable), Arthur Alderman FOAD, Cromwell Martin FOAD who married Lillian STEWART, Victor Roy FOAD, and Kathleen FOAD (b 1900).  Victor was said to have been "stone deaf". 

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Abraham GOWER and Mary (-) had a son, Joseph (b abt 1799 in Tring, Hertsford, England).  I believe that Joseph GOWER married Mary WALLIS (b abt 1796 in Wigginton, Hertford) and among their children was Joseph GOWER (b abt 1836 in Tring) who married Sarah Ann BROWN (b abt 1833 in Tring).  One of their daughters, Sarah Annie GOWER (b 1860 in Marylebone, Middlesex, England) married Wallace FOAD.


James GRANT (b abt 1806, Silverton, Devon, England) had a son who was also named James (b abt 1832).  Son James GRANT married Mary Ann MELHUISH (b 1824) and they emigrated to Canada about 1855. Among their children was Ellen GRANT (b 1859) who married Albert Jones STEWART.


In abt 1791 Thomas HALL married Jane BAIRD in Kirkharle, Northumberland, England.  Their youngest son, also named Thomas HALL (b abt 1799), married Isabella JAMESON in abt 1826 in Eglingham.  Their daughter, Elizabeth HALL (b abt 1834 in Newcastle), married George POTTER (b 1828) in Newcastle in 1859.


Charles Frederick HUMPHREYS (b abt 1821, Essex, England) married Margaret Susan PETTIT (b abt 1837, Suffolk, England) and they had two children :  Maud Alice HUMPHREYS (b 1860 at Castle Hedingham, Essex) and Frank Frederick HUMPHREYS (b 1865 at Castle Hedingham).  After his wife died, Charles moved the family to Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, where daughter Maud Alice married John George POTTER.  Eventually, son Frank HUMPHREYS married Jennie McMULLIN of Mono Mills, Ontario, and later he married Marion (-).  Frank had a number of children, including apparently Fred HUMPHREYS (b 1895 in Hamilton, married Emma), and Ernest HUMPHREYS (b abt 1897).  Other children were possibly Marian R. and Olive.  For many years, Frank HUMPHREYS ran a grocery business at 30 York Street in Hamilton.


According to well-researched information published (1964) by genealogist Clarence M. Huntsman, Robert HUNTSMAN (b 1790 in Sussex County, New Jersey, USA) married Sarah WATTS.  They settled in the Niagara Peninsula of Ontario, Canada, where Robert HUNTSMAN farmed and operated a prosperous saw mill.  Robert HUNTSMAN is considered to be one of the pioneers in the Niagara area.  Among their children was Adam HUNTSMAN (b 1830) whose first wife, Hannah MOOTE (b 1830 in Clinton Township), had 2 children, one of whom was Theste HUNTSMAN (b 1858) who married William H. STEWART.  Adam's second wife was Elizabeth BOOK (or BUCH).

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Robert MANN, a surgeon from London, said to have married Mary ARMER and had at least one child, a son also named Robert MANN (b 1811 in Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland, England).  Father Robert MANN then left Newcastle and moved his medical practice to Manchester.  Son Robert MANN went on to become a noted chemist and agent for John Ismay & Sons in Newcastle.  His first wife was Isabella WEALLENS and they had 8 children, including Samuel MANN (b 1833 in Newcastle) who emigrated to Canada in 1854, settling in the Hamilton, Ontario, area, and Isabella MANN (b 1837 in Newcastle) who married John POTTER.  Samuel's son Charles MANN (b 1859) moved to the U.S. and died in California in about 1920.  Samuel's son Alex MANN (b 1870) eventually took over his father's confectionery and grocery business in Hamilton.  Alex' adopted daughter Jean MANN married William TUMBLESTON. 

Robert's second wife was Anne BRIGGS (b 1822 in or near Sheffield, Yorkshire, England) and they had 5 children, among them Arthur MANN (b 1859 in Newcastle) who became the Secretary of a shipping company in Newcastle and married Eleanor PRICE.  Their second son, Russell MANN (b 1902 in Newcastle), married Ena Mary DIXON and was an accountant, eventually moving to Hexham, Northumberland, England.


William MELHUISH (b abt 1790 in Bradninch, Devon, England) and Elizabeth (-) were the parents of Mary Ann MELHUISH (b 1824 in Bradninch) who married James GRANT.


William Thomas MUGFORD (b abt 1860 in Port de Grave, Newfoundland) married Emily Smith KENNEDY (b abt 1862 in Foxtrap, Newfoundland) and they had 12 children while living in Kelligrews.  Among them, John Thomas MUGFORD married Charlotte TILLEY in 1929, Frank MUGFORD married Florrie NOSEWORTHY in 1918, Mary Anne MUGFORD married John NOSEWORTHY, Malcolm Smith MUGFORD married Anne WORSLEY in 1940, and Samuel MUGFORD (b abt 1886 in Kelligrews, Newfoundland) married Annie ELGAR (b about 1891 in St John's, Newfoundland) in 1911 in Montreal, Canada.  Samuel and Annie MUGFORD had 6 children. 

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George POTTER (ch 1795 in Warkworth, Northumberland, England) married Mary TODD (b 1795 in Morpeth, Northumberland).  He became a grocer in Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland, England, and was the father of 3 sons.  Son George POTTER (b 1828 in Newcastle) married Elizabeth HALL (b abt 1834 in Newcastle) and some of their descendants emigrated to Australia.  Son William POTTER (b 1831 in Newcastle) married his first cousin, Mary TODD (b abt 1838 in Morpeth).  Son John POTTER (b 1836 in Newcastle) married Isabella MANN (b 1837 in Newcastle) and emigrated to Canada in 1857, eventually settling near Fonthill, Ontario, where he farmed for a number of years before moving to Hamilton.  John and Isabel's first son, John George POTTER (b 1859 near Thorold, Ontario), married Maud Alice HUMPHREYS and had a large family, a number of whom emigrated to Illinois and Michigan in the U.S.A.  John George's daughter Ethel POTTER (b 1882) married Jack REID; daughter Violet POTTER (b 1889) married Duncan Allan McCULLOCH.  Violet's twin sister Rose POTTER married Harry RAIRDON.  John and Isabella's daughter Isabella Mary POTTER (b 1861) married Stephen Henry McCOMBS, and their son Charles Walker POTTER (b 1867) married Lucinda Tomasina FOSTER.  John and Isabella's last child, Robert Henry POTTER (b 1872 in Fonthill, Ontario), married Edith Maude STEWART, and they farmed near Hamilton and later in the Niagara Peninsula. 

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Henry RYAN (b abt 1853) married Elizabeth "Fanny" LANGMAN and they had one child, John RYAN.  After Fanny died, Henry RYAN married Susan (Susanna?) BALDWIN, and they had four children, Jane Elizabeth RYAN, James RYAN, Frank RYAN, and Sarah Annie RYAN.  After Susan died, Henry RYAN married Susan's sister, Rebecca BALDWIN (b abt 1866 in Pouch Cove, Newfoundland), and they had two children, Ida RYAN (b abt 1899) and Francis Edward RYAN (b 1901).  Rebecca was Henry's third wife and he was her second husband.


Albert Jones STEWART (b 1860 in Caistor Township, Ontario), son of George Angus STEWART and Elizabeth Jones VANDUSEN, married Ellen GRANT.  Their first child, Edith Maude STEWART (b 1881 at Abingdon, Ontario), married Robert Henry POTTER.


William Henry STEWART (b 1847 in Clinton Township, Ontario), married Theste HUNTSMAN.  At the time of their marriage, William H. STEWART was working for Theste's father, Adam HUNTSMAN, at Adam's saw mill on Spring Creek.  William and Theste STEWART had 11 children, among them Lillian STEWART (b 1892 in Tintern, Ontario) who married Cromwell Martin FOAD.


James TODD, a tailor in Morpeth, Northumberland, England, married Jane BRADLEY and their first child was Mary TODD (b 1795 in Morpeth) who married George POTTER.  James and Jane's third child was James TODD (b 1799 in Morpeth) who also became a tailor and married Isabella BARROW (b 1801 in Morpeth).  James and Isabella moved from Morpeth to Newcastle upon Tyne with their family about 1842.  Their son Robert TODD (b 1823 in Morpeth) married Mary Ann WINSHIP; daughter Mary TODD (b 1838 in Morpeth) married her first cousin, William POTTER, and son John TODD (b abt 1844 in Newcastle) married Mary Ann CUNLIFF.  Robert TODD, who married Mary Ann WINSHIP (daughter of William WINSHIP and Mary WILTHEW) had 5 children : Mary Wilthew TODD (b 1848, married Joseph WREN), Anne Elizabeth TODD (b 1857, married Mathew MARSHALL), Lionel Winship TODD (b 1858, married Eleanor Elizabeth SMITH), James Robert TODD (b 1860, d before 1872), and William Barrow TODD (b 1862, d 1865).  Son John TODD, who married Mary Ann Cunliff in 1865, had 4 children, among them Robert William TODD who married Elizabeth Ann TAYLOR and had children John Thomas TODD (b 1886) and Charlotte Annie TODD (b 1889),


John WEALLENS, a stone mason in Northumberland, England, and his wife Isabella (-) had at least 2 daughters, Isabella WEALLENS and Christiana WEALLENS.  Daughter Isabella WEALLENS (b 1814 in Longframlington, Northumberland), married Robert MANN in Newcastle upon Tyne.  Probably related are Maggie & Mabel WEALLEANS, otherwise unidentified, whose calling card was found in an old family album containing pictures of some of my known ancestors and relatives from the late 1800s in England.

There is a WEALLEANS mystery in one of our family albums which you can see on the mystery photo page

If you have found any familiar families here, I would be pleased if you would contact me with a brief, initial message.

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