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About Diverse Interests

In The Beginning

This website is about a few subjects that interest me and that I know a bit about. 

I have been interested in science almost all my life, beginning with 'experiments' when I was just a little kid in early grade school using an old magnet, a few bits of wire, and a half-dead "No. 6" cell (remember them?).  These things were then supplemented with an assortment of broken and semi-functional mechanical, electrical and electronic components that my father gave me. 

By Grade 6, encouraged by my father, I had built my own "crystal set" radio and then started playing with old tube radios and better antennas, that is, when I wasn't already out-doors digging for fossils in the rock outcroppings near our home, or staying up late at night to draw diagrams of the constellations using my naked eye (no telescope then).  In Grade 8 I read George Gamow's "One Two Three Infinity" and loved it, learning so much more from it than science class that I felt compelled to read it through again. 


These early activities led eventually to a certificate in Electronics Engineering Technology (Honours) and, later, a Bachelor of Science degree in physics.  As a result, I have played at science and worked with electronics and communications technology all of my adult life.  In 1983 I was licensed as Amateur Radio VE3OAT and received my Advanced licence a year later.  One more way to explore the world. 

I love to discover the relationships between different physical processes and "things". 

I'm just a geek.

Photo Credit — The image at the top of each page of this site shows a small part of my trusty Faber-Castell novo-biplex 2/83N sliderule, one of several sliderules that I have used and still own (although I am not sure why I keep them).